Case Procedure #8: The Rear-end Case Interview #2

In July 2017, I was in an auto accident in San Diego, California. I was the driver of a car that was rear-ended and pushed forward. The impact of the accident was very strong, causing the side airbag to deploy and strike me. At the point of impact, my body forcefully jolted twice inside the car. At the time of the accident, I remember feeling very scared and anxious. The impact was very sudden. Following the accident, I felt shocked and received panic attacks. Later that day, I developed headaches, neck and upper back pain, which slowly intensified and began to interfere with my sleep, social, work, and daily activities. I even had to put a hold on my gym membership because I could not work out anymore due to my pain. Heavy lifting or carrying caused me extreme discomfort. Any movement, including lying down and putting my head on a pillow at night aggravated me. Upon hearing of my situation, a friend of mine suggested that I contact personal injury attorney Eddie Tehrani in Los Angeles. Quite frankly, initially when a friend referred me to him I was skeptical because he was in a different city than me. However, it was the best decision I ever made. I was extremely pleased with the results and would recommended him to others. From the moment I called his office I was treated with the utmost respect and patience. Mr. Tehrani took his time explaining to me in detail every step of what would be happening next. I was at ease knowing that I was in good hands by him and his entire staff. I would highly recommend Mr. Tehrani to anyone who wants an attorney who will have their back and protect them every step of the way. Thank you! Despite being told repeatedly that this was a case that I was not going to win, Eddie proved them all wrong because not only did we win the case, but we received a settlement check for it as well, which was a lot more than I ever expected! He will be very real and honest with you and has great determination to make your case win. For time that he will put into your case, you will receive so much more than what you paid for. I can’t express how grateful I am to have had Eddie represent me in this case. I will 100% have Mr. Tehrani represent me in any future case I may have as well. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

2 months ago

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