Case Procedure #6: The Motorcycle Accident Case Interview

I was riding my motorcycle when a motor vehicle pulled out in front of my motorcycle unexpectedly from a side street. I ran into the side of that vehicle and suffered extensive injuries. At the time of accident, I was feeling very panicked. I developed extreme painful symptoms that disabled me from sleeping at night and performing daily simple tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs. I knew this was a case that needed an attorney who would take care of my case with commitment and intelligence. Thankfully, I put my trust in Mr. Tehrani and I do not regret it at all. His consistency is incomparable. He is completely on the ball and ahead of the game. Mr. Tehrani doesn’t joke around what-so-ever. The confidence this man has is powerful and contagious, something you’ll notice immediately after meeting him. It is obvious this man absolutely loves what he does and brings a constant energy that I envy. The knowledge this man shared was eye opening, from everything under the law to the smallest details of the case. Any information that ran across my mind got sent back with a simple clear answer for me to understand. Zero hesitation in his process. Trust with Eddie will come instantaneously. Eddie took total care of me throughout the whole process. He called me every single time to give me updates on what his next step is, and I never had to make the first call. Trust is something no matter who it is, it must be earned after personal interaction. After having one conversation with Mr. Tehrani, I was able to feel a sense of trust with him. He was also able to get me a settlement way higher than I expected. Thank you, Mr. Tehrani!

2 months ago

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