Case Procedure #4: The Dog Bite Case Interview

In September 2017, I was casually taking my dog on a walk in the San Fernando Valley. Things took a sharp turn when my neighbors husky attacked my dog and me. Our neighbors did not want to accept responsibility in paying for the medical bills, so this left me no choice but to search for a personal injury lawyer on Yelp. I came across various personal injury lawyers that specialized in dog bite injury. Upon calling multiple lawyers, I was extremely discouraged about my case because most of them sounded selfish and told me it was not a good enough case. Therefore, they all rejected me. On top of being rejected, they were not even sympathetic to what had happened to my dog and I. Irritated and sad, my daughter went on Avvo and came across Mr. Tehrani’s profile. After reading about his credentials and previous case settlements, I felt hopeful and called his office. Mr. Tehrani spoke to me personally and asked me the details of the incident. This surprised me because I previously worked at a law firm myself and clients usually did not receive an opportunity to speak with the lawyer himself. After speaking over the phone, Mr. Tehrani then asked me to go over to his office. He specifically told me what type of documents to take, and how to take pictures, which was very helpful. When I went to his office and met with him in person, I noticed how sympathetic he was. Once we agreed to sign the retainer, the fee was written in there.

Now, I can positively say that Mr. Tehrani is the lawyer that breaks the typical lawyer stereotype for he truly showed concern and compassion when I went to him. He was extremely reassuring and promised to do his best with my case. Eddie’s assistants were also very great and updated us consistently regarding our case. The entire team went above and beyond for my case and I am forever grateful for Mr. Tehrani. He was able to get my medical expenses reimbursed, as well as get me future medical care and suffering money. All I can say is that if you need an attorney who will get back to you in a timely manner, then Mr. Tehrani is your man. Thank you Mr. Tehrani for restoring my faith in lawyers and helping me get the settlement I deserved.

2 months ago

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